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About Us

Product launch - Thimphu Clock TowerWe are a green tea bag packaging unit established at Shaba, Paro Bhutan and produce Herbal Tea-bags which is cultivated and harvested by the local Bhutanese farmers.

The raw materials used for our work are seasonal raw materials. All our raw materials will come ready for packaging. Most of the process is done manually excluding the packaging part thus lower the impact on environment while creating opportunities for employment.

It is worked out to have a competitive pricing of products to have effect on the imports. A proper business strategy will be worked out to facilitate sale through engagement of locally established agents.

Green tea is synonymous to fitness these days, along with so many other physical exercise. Green tea is renowned the world over for its health-producing benefits, both through traditional wisdom, and more recently through a large volume of scientific research. It has got tons of ingredients to keep people healthy and lively. Green tea is best known popularly for its antioxidant properties. The powerful antioxidants found in green tea are attributed by some with the ability to heal cancerous free radicals to the extent that cancer can be reversed in early stages. Green tea can lower people’s cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and helps with diabetes by helping the body break down food and convert it into useful energy. It can protect the liver from getting damaged by the toxins in alcohol and can help people maintain heart health and lose weight with its main ingredient, the phytochemical catechin.

Along with the ever growing abundance of luscious greens that our country provides us and also with the whole world turning organic it isn’t a surprise that majority now would rather prefer all organic tea with health benefits.
The plant and machinery proposed in the project has a production capacity of 6 million Nos. of tea bags annually of size 50mm x 62mm. At 80% utilization of the capacity, productions of 4 million Nos. of tea bags have been taken into consideration. The machinery and equipment proposed in the project is the standard sizes of the dip tea bags will be initiated considering the sales turnover.

My Thoughts on Tea

I think that tea is an excellent substance that’s been put to good use by people for thousands and thousands of years. The success of tea as a beverage which provides both sensory enjoyment and physical wellness, is largely due to its production being very little tampered with. With its simple and natural process of manufacturing and its multiple health benefits there is a wide variety of tea which could be produced and marketed with huge market demand. I would like to make this natural product better than it already is giving the people they deserve with multiple health benefits. I would make this tea a commodity that tastes as good as it can taste and is as healthy for people as it can possibly be with easy access to it.

With Bhutan importing 335 MT of tea from India valued at 7 crore and nearly 6 Mt from abroad valued at 1.5 million, from which 71 MT tea is green tea, there is a huge potential in the tea industry with export potential. (ref. Bhutan trade statistics 2014)