Moringa Tea


  • Specification

    • 100% locally sourced moringa
    • Hand rolled and Roasted with nice moringa flavor
    • Crushed into fine pieces for quick release of taste
    • Biodegradable heat sealed tea bags(without any use of glue or other chemicals)
    • eco-friendly PE paper outer envelope, avoiding moisture development
    • Organic registered production in a very clean natural environment


  •  Increase enegry and immunesystem boost
  • Improves digestion and appetite suppressant
  • Enhance skin health
  • Normalizes blood sugar

Brewing method

  • Bring to boil fresh, flitered water
  • Pour one cup water over the tea bag in a cup. steep four to five mintues.
  • Sweeten if desired.


Bhutan Agricultural Forest Regulatory Authority -GMP/GHP
Lic No: FSL PA/20/A026